About the Community Impact Network
The Community Impact Network organizes and facilitates social service providers in the delivery of services desired by residents.

The Network works to improve the availability and delivery of services by maximizing efficiency, improving communication and empowering community members to build and protect their human capital and create wealth.

Working with partners involved in addressing outcomes related to the impact areas of: Education, Housing, Employment, Health and Personal Finance, the Network functions as a community resource manager.

Convening partners from community, government, institution and social service sectors, the Network will lead four coalitions in defining and setting goals through the development of action plans with measurable objectives.

As a backbone organization, the Network exists to ensure success through coordination, leadership, support, and other complex behind-the-scenes activities. In addition to seeking and providing financial support for participating organizations, we aim to create an environment where non-profit social service providers can experience improved success in their work by connecting, collaborating and coordinating with one another. If we are successful, we will develop trust and credibility, while holding ourselves accountable.

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