Apply to become a St. Louis Early Childhood Power Builder

We know it’s past time to transform our early childhood education system. Black and Latinx mothers and care providers have been overlooked and devalued for far too long, yet are the heartbeat of the ECE system.  It’s time to change that

We have an amazing opportunity to transform the early childhood education system, together.

WEPOWER is recruiting a select cohort of 20 brilliant Black and Latinx early childhood educators and mothers of early childhood-aged children to join our next Power Building Academy and develop the skills necessary to lead change. 

Over three months, 20 early childhood education leaders will:

  • Deepen their analysis of race and class.
  • Explore the history, data, and policy solutions of the early childhood system.
  • Develop organizing and leadership skills to build power.
  • Create a leadership plan to prepare for leading ECE change throughout 2021 and beyond.

If you are ready to lead the effort to transform our region’s early childhood education system, apply OR nominate someone today to be considered as one of the 20 leaders who join the WEPOWER community committed to power building.


Let’s do this,

Charli + WEPOWER team