About the Collective Impact Network

The Collective Impact Network (The Network) is a Non-profit foundation currently working with businesses, churches, local governments, and other non-profit organizations in the Normandy School District as part of the 24:1 Initiative.

The 24:1 initiative is a placed-based community development effort designed to solve the serious challenges facing residents and families within the 24 communities that make up the Normandy school district.

The name "24:1" was chosen to represent these 24 communities and their shared vision for successful children, engaged families and a strong community.

The Network's focus is based upon bringing non-profit organizations together utilizing a collective impact model in order to address the needs of the community in the areas of housing, education, health, employment and personal finance.

The Network provides each organization the opportunity for additional resources and support with funding, grant writing support, data, resources, event management, marketing and communications.

The Network is also focused on helping to deliver resources to residents indirectly through its relationship with its partners.

The Network recognizes the value of each organization and their front-line staff who have direct and trusting relationships with individuals and families living in the community. It is because of those relationships that we are able to collectively meet the needs of everyone in a holistic and timely manner.

Michael L. Sorth

President & CEO

314-776-9610 (p)

314-607-5239 (c)

Megan Riechmann

Senior Resource Manager

314-776-9611 (p)

314-497-1828 (c)

Casey Locey

Early Childhood
Resource Manager

314-776-9621 (p)

314-255-4236 (c)

Terry Bates

Information Resource Manager

314-776-9612 (p)

314-761-9441 (c)

Check out the video below to learn about Belle Children's Services, one of the many proud Partners of The Network

6505 Wright Way

St. Louis, MO 63121