8 Days Left to Become a Community Health Champion!

Please see the following message from PrepareSTL: 

As we sit in the year marker of the pandemic, many of us are now faced with new challenges- should I take the vaccine? Do I have access to the vaccine? How effective are they? What about my family? Many of us are pondering these questions internally, and many of us are also having these conversations with people we know- both casually and intimately. 

Well, PrepareSTL wants to pay you to keep the conversation going or get it jump-started! (Register today!)

The Community Health Champions (CHC) program seeks to provide a safe & supported space for conversations- open, honest, difficult conversations not only about the vaccines, but about our overall well-being and health. So here’s the real:

We are recruiting 300 people to be Community Health Champions and here’s what it will look like:

Here's What We as PrepareSTL Do and Provide:

- We train you so you are well-prepared to facilitate virtual conversations

- Learn the ins and outs of using zoom like a pro

- Gain facilitation skills, which are transferable in almost any setting

- Learn more about what it means to be well, holistically

- Use flyers and materials created specifically for these conversations, no need to create your own content


We provide you with a support team during your conversations
- Each CHC will have access to a Process Manager who will help the conversations run smoothly
- There will also be Community Health Workers present during conversations to provide resources and connection
- There will be Vaccine Educators to assist in questions as it relates to the vaccines
- Since these are virtual, tech support will be on-call during conversations and available to troubleshoot any issues that may arise
We also provide a toolkit to ensure your success in the conversation
- Need social media prompts, we got you!
- Unsure of what to say during conversations, we have a guide with prompts and questions ready to go!
- Participants want to host their own conversations, we have a post-conversation guide for them too!
 We also care FOR you, so…

 - You will receive a COVID-19 wellness kit to keep you safe and well as we continue to be in a pandemic
 - We also give you 20 wellness kits to give out to whomever you choose 
 Here's what YOU will do and get as a Champion:

- Sign-up to become a champion
- Attend an orientation and training to get ready for the conversations
- Create a list of 20 people you want to talk to- friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc
- Schedule 2 virtual conversation sessions, each with 10 people 
- Host your first Conversation with 10 people, participate in debrief after conversation
- Host a second Conversation with 10 more people, participate in a debrief
- Deliver your 20 wellness kits 
- Make $200!

Ready to join the squad?! Sign up here and feel free to share with others who may also be interested. This program is open to adults of all ages, 18+. Young adults through elders are welcomed and encouraged to apply :)



Brittíni Gray