Engaging Kids & Community in Discussions - Race & Racism

Engaging Kids and the Community in Discussions about Race and Racism

Online Resources

Living St. Louis Special on Race and Racism 

The Nine PBS Living St. Louis special features local children and parents modeling ways to talk about racial identity and anti-Black racism. Through interviews with experts Dr. Kira Hudson Banks of Raising Equity and Maggie Klonsky of We Stories, the special also stresses how important it is for parents to talk with their children about building a more equitable society.


Talking with Kids resources support families and educators of young children as they talk, watch, read, and learn about race and racism. Topics include cultural awareness and diversity, talking about the news, same and different, race, black history and culture, and so much more. These free resources, curated from PBS, PBS KIDS®, PBS Learning Media, and other credible education organizations, are open for everyone to use. Another great resource from PBS can be found here.