United WE wants to hear your child care access story

United WE (United Women's Empowerment, formerly the Women's Foundation) is seeking stories about child care access. When families experience barriers to childcare, either because it’s too costly or because it’s simply not available, women are likely to drop out of the workforce since they typically are paid less than men. Here is a report that shows cost and availability of childcare seats in Missouri by county.

COVID-19 has illuminated how challenging it is for parents to fully participate in the workforce when access to childcare is compromised. According to the Center for American Progress, in Missouri alone, 78% of mothers are the sole or co-breadwinners in the families, suggesting a significant need for childcare. The McKinsey Global Institute found that Kansas and Missouri economies stand to grow by as much as 15% by 2025 if women’s participation in the workforce increases.

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