Introducing the EdRights App

Introducing the EdRights App from the Education Justice Program at Legal Services of Eastern Missouri!

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri is proud to announce the launch of the new EdRights App as part of its Education Justice Program!

The EdRights App is a valuable know-your-rights resource for parents and students, providing information on school access and school discipline all in one accessible place.

Open and share the EdRights App here now: 

Who is the EdRights App for? 

The EdRights App provides information for parents and K-12 students, including unaccompanied youth.

It's also been designed with case managers, service providers, and other community partners in mind, so those who help families can understand education rights and go through the app with parents and students too.

What is the EdRights App?


The EdRights App is actually a website that behaves like an app. It can be installed on most phones and tablets. And, since it’s a website, it can accessed from laptops and desktops as well.

Easily Shared

The EdRights App can be accessed at the url There’s no need to download anything from an app store. Share the link with friends and family to spread the word about your rights.


When you add the EdRights App to your phone or tablet Home screen, a version of the app is stored on your device. Even without an internet connection, you’ll have valuable information available.

Visit for detailed instructions on how to install the EdRights App, how to add the EdRights App to your home screen, and how to allow push notifications so you can receive app updates!