Demands for Early Childhood Education in the STL Region

Black women who care for our region’s children are demanding that local and state leaders make our youngest citizens a top priority in their COVID-19 response.

They need all of our support in calling for our region to (1) protect businesses and spur economic development, (2) minimize the health risks of ECE providers and staff, (3) ensure early childhood education facilities do not become nexuses of community transmission.

Sign the Demands Today

For most St. Louisans with young children, getting back to work will be impossible if early childhood education providers do not have the resources, protection, and guidance necessary to safely teach and care for our region’s 0 to 5-year-olds. 

Join the 240 community members and organizations who support these demands today. After signing, forward this to advocates and community members across the region.

Together, we can ensure our children, families, providers, and communities are ready.

In solidarity,

Ready by Five

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