Collaborative COVID-19 Resource Guide

From the St. Louis American:

Local organizer creates collaborative COVID-19 resource guide

When the COVID-19 outbreak started to hit our region’s front door last week, Grace Kyung began compiling a Google document of resources that could help people in St. Louis. 

Kyung is a project manager for Urban Strategies and works with East St. Louis residents. However, the project is something Kyung started on her own time, and it’s quickly grown.

On Monday afternoon, about 30 people could be seen contributing and adding on to Google Document. It’s now 22 pages long, and anyone can suggest edits.

“Everything is very grassroots,” she said.

The resource guide includes national and local updates, along with regional resources for transportation, healthcare, food, etc. It also links to other guides that other people have started. Kyung said the next step is to create a website hopefully this week. 

Here’s a link to the resource guide: