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A message from SKIP: 

Greetings in the midst of a world pandemic. I hope each of you are taking precautions to stay well--physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I am excited to share that we have launched the results of system dynamics research that you have each been critical in helping us conduct for the early childhood system in St. Louis. In light of COVID-19, we debated the timing of launch, however, we imagine the already fragmented system will experience further dysfunction as a result of this worldwide shock. Therefore, we believe it's all the more important now to keep watch and intervene with caution and remind people that interventions today matter.

The report describes the result of two-years of radical listening and system dynamics modeling. Over this time, we have listened to the perspectives of parents, ECE providers, and superintendents, and teachers through interviews, focus groups and group model building. From this qualitative research, we combined our listening with numbers from data and system dynamics computer simulation modeling to arrive at a set of insights about the system. You have been critical in this work! Thank you!

This report is now officially launched on our website as a collection of feedback loops and key takeaways through text and short video explanations. We will also link to an interactive system dynamics simulation model that demonstrates the difficulties of intervention and places we can rebuild or draw new connections. 

Please know this work is a result of your dedication, hard work, care, and brilliance. You have made this happen. We are forever grateful for your investment in time and energy for STL kids. 

Enjoy and please provide any feedback as you see fit. 



^^ Also on a celebratory note - we are officially rebranded as SKIP - Strategic Design for Complex Systems :)  No more envy ("NV") over here. 


Most gratefully,


Saras Chung, PhD, MSW

Executive Director

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Saint Louis, MO 63110

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