Nine Network PBS Educator and Caregiver Toolkit

To support the approximately 400,000 students of our region that are out of school indefinitely as they wait out this pandemic, Nine has worked with our regions education leaders(public, charter, parochial) to develop a Nine PBS Educator and Caregiver Toolkit. The toolkit provides free learning opportunities for educators, parents, and students. This toolkit was created with guidance from education leaders from across the region.   

What is the toolkit? 

The toolkit has?broadcast,?online, and mobile?resources,?as well as?learning tools and?tips?that can be text messaged to phones. It includes a?broadcast and streaming?schedule of kids’?programs?available by targeted ages, learning goals, air times?and?links to?PBS KIDS?apps.?The toolkit will be especially useful for our learners in kindergarten through grade 4, but has resources for other grade levels. New things will be added regularly. 

How can this be helpful? 

PBS educational programming and resources have been shown by multiple evaluations to be effective tools for teachers and parents. Content is curriculum-based and aligned to respective state standards, and classroom-tested by teachers. Content includes building social and emotional learning, literacy, STEM, social studies and art skills for children across the St. Louis region. In addition, the resources are free and readily accessible.   

Please feel free to share these resources with your employees and partners.